Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Fat Cow Ups the Burger Game in Cairo

We got a exclusive first taste of the latest burger joint to hit the city; Fat Cow. From the same people behind The Tap, this spot boasts a cool retro vibe and even better burgers...

Staff Writer

Fat Cow are the newest, most innovative addition to burger houses in Cairo, offering a particular selection of eight creative burgers on their “Have It Our Way” menu, including items like The Fire House which comes with Provalone cheese, banana peppers (has anyone ever heard of a banana pepper?!) and creamy ranch. We got to test out this this brand new burger joint ahead of its opening (because we're special like that) and joy was brought to our taste buds and tummies, and y'know, just lives in general. That is the power of a good burger.

The place itself looks fantastic - you walk down the stairs and into the venue where it's all high chairs everywhere and a retro cool blackboard menu. Elegant woodwork, neat surfaces and wicked artwork of a fat cow created by a UK graffiti artist are drawn on the ceiling. Cozy and creatively structured. 

The food itself was equally awesome. We tried out The Swiss, oozing with cheese and topped with mushrooms; The Buffalo Chicken, which put all other fried chickens in the city to shame - and also packs a spicy wallop; but of their three succulent specials The Shrimp Burger stands out the most! With crisp grilled shrimp patty, rocket, and tartar sauce this one is definitely a must-try!

Fat Cow is run by Galal Elkerdani, owner of The Tap Bar & Grill, and renowned VNTG enterprise owner Tarek Sallab. “We weren’t really interested in complicating things with too many options on the menu just for the sake of variety,” ElKerdani tells us, “We simply wanted to focus on creating something special and of great quality. Like the bread; we literally spend six months coming up with its recipe to produce very soft, very filling American burger buns. The burgers we also imported ourselves. We have them smoked first before being grilled which is quite deviant from the standard.”

Fans of Angus American Beef are going to dig this place hard! For all you creative foodies a “Have It Your Way” menu gives you the liberty of crafting your own burger from top to bottom, with an extensive list of fresh ingredients to mix and match from.

Their packaging is one of their serious bonus points, as your goodie box unfolds to turn into a plate, which you can fold right back into a box for takeaways. Also it's very reminiscent of Beetlejuice which is always a good thing in our book.

Fat Cow are located on 73 Road 9, Maadi and are open from 12:00pm to 1:00am and deliver to Maadi. Opening soon in El Tagammo3.

For more info call 01016000554 and check out their Facebook page here.

Photography by Ahmed Najeeb.