Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Fitar Fel Kazouza

Kazouza has been killing the gourmet street food game for a while now. This week, we made our way over to the Maadi spot - PJ-clad no less - to try out their breakfast menu. And let us tell you, their Egyptian breakfast game is on point...

Staff Writer

Fitar Fel Kazouza

If you’ve been to Kazouza before, you know to expect; guilt free and super clean reasonably priced street food with more than adequately filling portions. However before today, we hadn't ventured out of the lunch or dinner menu on offer, which from their sogo2 to their kebda, always made sure we were never short of amazed and our stomachs and taste buds were left quite satisfied. This week however, we decided to go a little early, and in our PJs - because well y'know, PJs rock - and head over to the gourmet street eats spot to try out their breakfast menu.

Kazouza's menu had such a vast variety of breakfast items, with descriptions sufficient to make you salivate for days. We started off with two salads (3amleen feeha healthy weh bta3), a tuna and a Rocca salad, each with portions so big we weren’t able to get through them both in their entirety. Following that were the usual (and very important) suspects that are present at any Egyptian breakfast dining table; foul weh beid. We had the Foul with butter, which was perfectly seasoned and contrary to urban legend was actually quite light, followed by the eggs with pastrami with a portion so generous and almost more Pastrami than we could handle (but not really because there's no such thing as too much basterma, yeah?). Perhaps our favourite dish was the Shakshouka, which was loaded with flavour and kept us full well into dinnertime.

To top it all off there was the delectable Egyptian dessert staple, the Sakalans which sealed it off all nicely, as well as an array of freshly squeezed fruit juice to wash down all the aforementioned yumminess.

The vast array of gourmet and baladi coffees definitely got us back up on our feet as quickly as possible ready to face yet another day of work; we got up feeling full yet as light as when we sat down. Food coma successfully avoided. 

If you’re someone looking for one of the best breakfast options in town, we strongly suggest you head down to Kazouza and thank us later with your firstborn child.

Check out Kazouza's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @kazouzaegypt.

Photography by Ahmed Najeeb.