Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Go on a Culinary Journey at the Citadel of Salah Al Din This Ramadan

The Citadel of Salah Al Din is hosting a series of Ramadan iftars and suhours that can be pre-booked starting March 17th.

Farida El Shafie

The onset of Ramadan beckons a month-long spiritual journey that invites Muslims across the globe to immerse themselves in the customs and traditions that define this period of sanctified self-reflection. Sunsets blur hunger pangs as families gather over stuffed dates and pots of mint tea, and time forgoes all rigid connotations in order to encompass a more ephemeral sense of camaraderie. Further amplifying those precise sentiments, the Salah Al-Din Citadel is offering two new experiential concepts this Ramadan.

The ancient fortress, nestled within the heart of Old Cairo, provides an ideal backdrop for memorable gatherings. In years past, visitors huddled beneath Salah Al-Din Citadel's festive tents and captivating ambience, and this year promises to be no exception. The Ramadan offerings at the Salah Al-Din Citadel continue, boasting two cultural culinary experiences at the historic Gèméza restaurant and Al Abageyah qahwa.

Perched atop the Salah Al-Din Citadel’s police museum, Gèméza restaurant is offering a culinary journey that tantalises the taste buds while providing an awe-inspiring view of Cairo’s skyline. Those seeking to break their fast with a sumptuous meal can indulge in Gèméza's lavish iftar set menu, priced at EGP 1100, and for those who looking to spend their suhoor witnessing constellations morph into dewy sunbrises, Gèméza offers a delectable suhoor set menu for  EGP 700.

Al Abageyah, on the other hand, brings an old-world charm to the modern age, with a classic Egyptian qahwa pop-up experience that actively recalls bygone eras. The atmosphere is electric, with live performances, lively carnival games, Tanoura shows and Mesharaty performances filling the silent air. Guests can sample a variety of different flavours at Al Abageyah’s suhoor buffer for EGP 350.