Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Granville St.: All Natural Eats

We chat to the brain behind the beautiful Instagram account that has us positively drooling with every snap.

Staff Writer

Granville St.: All Natural Eats

In an age of filters, stories and hashtags, nothing quite catches the eye like a beautifully curated Instagram feed - we're drawn to them like hipsters are to hats. Now, if that beautifully curated feed also happens to be a veritable smorgasbord of  food, then we have us a good two hours of pure, blissful procrastination. One of the chief instigators in 

"The vision for Granville St. was to make a bakery deli that has an all-natural concept,” owner Sarah Khodeir told us about what she describes as a blend between a “food studio” and an actual patisserie and delicatessen. Though as of yet they only sporadically sell the creative inventions they whip up in the kitchen, Khodeir also revealed that she will be opening the doors as a full-blown patisserie.

Currently Granville St. works as Khodeir's test kitchen of sorts, where she carries out her work as a food consultant for several major brands across Egypt, including TBS and Crave, where she has worked on the menu and recipe development, as well as food styling for brands such as Kazouza. But Khodeir’s has bigger plans in the works.

“Right now we’re working on a bigger kitchen to produce my own recipes which range from baked goods to chutneys and sauces,” she explains excitedly, before once again pointing out she will focus on creating dishes that are all-natural.

“I was heavily influenced by healthy living, all-natural foods, gluten-free," Khodeir explained of her experience with nutrition and food growing up in Vancouver, Canada. "I decided to settle in Egypt about a year ago and I was a bit frustrated by the lack of options in the market.”

Rather than accept her fate, Khodeir took the step to remedy the issue herself, ensuring that everything emerging from her kitchen only does so with a healthy stamp of approval. “I’m all about natural things. I do things the old fashioned way,” she laughs. “I don’t use processed ingredients and I try to use mainly local ingredients. I’m driven by creating recipes the whole family can enjoy, and part of that is helping kids to eat better as well.”

The words healthy eating strike fear into many a food-lover's heart, but Khodeir scoffs at the idea that healthy can't mean delicious - and after being told about her vanilla donuts with beetroot lime glaze and and gluten-free Himalayan salted brownies, it's difficult not to believe in Granville St's hype.

Until Granville St. opens as a full-on bakery, however, you can follow Khodeir's mouthwatering exploits on Facebook and Instagram.