Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Green Habits: A Tasty, Healthy Alternative to Fast Food Gut Rot

Are you one of the Egyptians paying the fast food industry money just to feel sick? If you’re a junk food addict in need of health, then check out this delicious alternative.

Staff Writer

Egyptians are waking up to the realisation that there may be a direct correlation between feeling gross and ingesting fast food. Shocking claims, we know, but who knew that the lettuce on a Chicken Big Mac wouldn't be enough to make it a healthy sandwich? Slowly but surely, one rotting gut at a time, Egyptians are realising that they must change their terrible eating habits and start eating healthier if they want to feel better and add years to their lives. Looking to provide a healthy – but, more importantly, delicious - alternative for fast food culture is none other than Maadi’s newest health-boost station, Green Habits.

Ever had a salad that was so good that you wished it were a sandwich? Ever felt groggy for no clear reason, feeling so lethargic that you might as well be a reptile on a hot day? Ever dream you can rid your body of all its energy-draining toxins? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, you’re in luck; Green Habits is officially open and aims to become the tasty solution to whatever ails you.

Boasting a unique menu of healthy options, Green Habits takes going organic to tasty new heights with a variety of detoxifying cold-pressed juices and creative combinations of energy-boosting smoothies that will have your adrenaline racing more than the strongest of espressos. Feeling peckish? Check out their unique salad menu that offers a variety of hard to find salads - from quinoa to the tofu-based. Even though there are a bunch of eclectic combinations, Green Habits recognises that taste bud preferences are in the mouth of the beholder, which is why they provide the option to build your own special salad. Taking this concept to new territories, Green Habits knows that a good salad can also make for a great sandwich, and will deliciously turn one of their signature salads into a wrap, or allow you to build a one-of-a-kind sandwich that will have others wondering where you got it from.

Located on 233 Street in Degla, Maadi, Green Habits has already created quite the buzz in the neighbourhood as Egyptians are tired of paying for food that makes them feel sick. Using only the freshest organic ingredients, Green Habits is your belly's new best friend, proving that it is possible to find food that isn't only mouth-watering, but also a healthy option for anyone looking to get over their gross fast food addiction. 

For more information visit their Facebook and Instagram.