Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Ice Creams to Burgers: El Malahy Feeds All Fun-Seeker Fancies

Just a little bit of advice…eat after, not before…okay?

Ziyad El-Helbawy

While adrenaline and endorphins are their own reward at Egypt’s El Malahy amusement park in Katameya, no thrill-seeker's saga is complete without adequate fare to fuel the fun. From dizzying spins to (almost) heart-stopping drops, El Malahy’s portfolio of pulse-pounding rides works up quite the appetite.

From delightful miniature ice cream wonders like Mini Melts to generously sized burgers from Butcher’s, ElMalahy's array of delectable vendors caters to every palate. Whether for the adventurous foodies seeking thrills or those craving satisfying bites, these offerings complement Egypt’s largest amusement park, ensuring visitors can indulge throughout their thrilling itinerary hassle-free.

Craving a fresh pretzel with a hot dip? Auntie Anne’s says hello. Just finished watching the new season of Elite and could use a side of churros with your newfound Spanish identity? Churrito is the spot. Mini Melts’ ice-creams proven too mini? Grab a cone at Coldstone.

Whether in the mood for a quick-shopping trip mid-fun to stock up on nuts from Abu Auf, catching a break with a cup of coffee from Circle K (Yes, there is a Circle K at El Malahy, naturally) or feeling like nibbling on a slice or two of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Station, El Malahy ensures both fun and feasting are perpetual.

Fueling a full-day of fun, El Malahy features myriad rides and attractions for (adult) children of all ages. Located opposite District 5 in New Cairo, El Malahy has quickly become a go-to for families and ‘shellas’ alike.

Just a little bit of advice…eat after, not before…okay? You don’t wanna find out why…