Friday December 8th, 2023
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Iftar With The Best Burger of The Year, Plus Free Dessert? Sold!

Bikers or not, you can't keep us away from your juicy burgers, Backfire! We're kissing our Ramadan diets goodbye and coming in for the free desserts.

Staff Writer

Remember when we discovered our inner bikers just so we had an excuse to hang out at Backfire and indulge in their burgers oozing with cheesy pasta and succulent racks of meat? That felt a little borderline sinful for a second. Anyway, we just got word that they're launching a Ramadan campaign where they'll be serving their entire menu with all the trimmings for iftar throughout the month. Anyone who went through the thought that they might make use of Ramadan as an easy way to lose weight is in for a sweet surprise. 

Of course Backfire's promising a special dessert menu for Ramadan – of course; that's aside from particularly intriguing items like the Macho Bear Burger and the Angry Arabiatta Pasta. Considering we’ll be fasting and then of course breaking our fast like pigs, we're pretty stoked at the idea of getting a little something sweet the more we eat. A complimentary drink and dates for every order? Yes. More desserts the more we eat during iftar? YES! We're pretty sure it won't be too hard to hit 300 LE for dinner, which is when we get our choice of two of their three Ramadan-themed desserts - but can anything really beat the Marshmallow Mystery and the Date Crisps? As for when 10:45 PM hits, the Backfire menu won’t operate anymore but, instead, you’ll get the chance to try out their sohour menu (45 LE). We're looking at eggs, appetizers, salad, beans, and a light but yummy dessert.You can't end a good meal mingheir ma te7bes, right? We'll consider 50 per cent off sheesha and live music as good an excuse as any to indulge a little. Oh; wait. Did we not mention the music thing? Yeah, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night there will be a live Oriental live band to musically distract you from how much you've consumed and how much this whole 'lose weight during Ramadan' thing isn't happening.

Reserve early, though, because reservations with a final confirmation need to happen on the same day before 3 PM.

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