Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Backfire Egypt: Food for Biker Folk

When worlds collide: your favourite foods meet biker-esque décor at Backfire Egypt, the city's first motorcycle-themed restaurant and cafe.

Staff Writer

We at CairoScene dig all things badass, like the badass chicks and wild dreamboats who zip their way across the city’s congested traffic on their motorbikes with absolutely no regard for the basic laws of physics. But what we revere above all earthly things is insanely good food that makes your emotional problems go away. Strange combination, isn't it? It looks like we’re not alone on this one because Backfire is Cairo’s first motorcycle-themed restaurant and café.

Everything from the food to the interior design at Backfire has ‘we dig bikers’ written all over it. “The décor is very biker-esque. We even have helmets!” exclaimed Peter Adel, Financial and Administration Controller. The venue offers free motorcycle parking areas and cleaning services, there's even a quick service centre for minor repairs.


The badassery extends to the food as well! Forget small portions and fancy food plating, Backfire will visually stimulate you with simple and unpretentious homely food that will bring back your favourite childhood culinary memories. “Backfire is a local brand, but we serve international food that's not exactly neatly presented, but it tastes really really good,” explained Adel. We're quite okay with that, food is made to be devoured not to sit pretty on a plate. Besides, we'd rather Instagram the sexy biker gear, anyway. “We have very special burgers in quality and quantity,” said Radwa ElTorify, Media Organiser, adding that “Our Pizza is also very good and different.” This whole concept is different, so we expect nothing less. Crowd favourites also include Backfire Sticks and Backfire 3assaleyya Shots. So, unless you’re a figure-watcher who's into the bland and boring, Backfire is where it's at!

The place is also perfect if you have a thing for biker chicks or if you want to pick up wild biker dudes, or if you happen to be a biker yourself. So stop by for a good old comforting meal, and quite possibly a sexual encounter. 

Intrigued? Check out Backfire Egypt on Facebook or follow them on Instagram @backfireegypt.

Main image courtesy of their Facebook page. Photos inside article retrieved from @itsbradshaw, @midoeats, and @burgersofegypt, respectively.