Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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12 Reasons To Just Cook

Get cookin', good lookin'! You can't make any more excuses to avoid the kitchen when Just Cook shops, chops, and ships the food for you - now you just have to man up and cook.

Staff Writer

If by any chance you've come by our office you know that we're almost always debating about something, usually food-related. Someone’s always ordering something. A bunch of people decide they want KFC and, just seconds before ordering, someone else will pipe up and ask for something healthy – seriously? A few people then hop on the healthy bandwagon and suddenly there’s a divide. Cue Food War One at the office. Then of course there’s that one guy who asks for healthy fast food. Is that even a thing? So it's no surprise that when we discovered Just Cook and the fact that they bring a box full of fresh ingredients for a wicked meal, with a step-by-step recipe right to your doorstep, a debate ensued. Some people wanted Honey and Sesame Glazed Chicken; others wanted Greek Shrimp. Some of us just wanted to eat! So in typical CairoScene fashion, we ordered everything and made a list about it. Lists were an unfortunate decision for Ross, but they've worked out pretty well for us. We'll fill you in on our in-office gluttony by sharing our list on why Just Cook is pretty damn awesome. 

The Possibility of Endless Choices

Remember the last time you woke up in the middle of the night craving seafood pasta? Or that time you craved grilled steak on your way to work at 9 AM? Well, we remember, because we're humans with needs. We have food needs and we're not ashamed of admitting it. Thankfully Just Cook understands these strange cravings of ours and has a variety of 24 meals per month.

The International Cuisine 

Yeah, we may not be able to hop aboard daddy's private jet whenever we're feeling wanderlusty and we're craving some authentic Italian pasta. However, just because we're not abroad doesn't mean we don't get a taste of it. It turns out we can quite literally get a bite of each country with Just Cook's international meals. For instance, this month we found Greek shrimp, Spanish paella, and Moroccan chicken chickpea.

The Recipe Cards Come in either Arabic or English 

You come back home from work all exhausted and hungry. You're lucky enough to have a maid who can whip you up a little something when you're on the verge of collapse; you ask your maid to cook you a quick meal; you get ferakh me7ammara… again. Let's try again - you come back exhausted and give your maid a store-bought ready-made meal that she just needs to prep. Except your maid can't read the English on the box and you're just going to get ferakh me7ammara again instead of the Chicken Agrodolce you asked for. We venture to guess that this is one of the reasons why the people behind Just Cook decided to have the recipe cards in either Arabic or English.

You can Order Utensils, Ingredients, and Even Ovens!

If you're anything like us, chances are you don't remember the last time you opened the kitchen cabinet, which means the stuff inside has either gone bad or is nonexistent. So because we're fully aware of your - err, our - kitchen capabilities, we were thrilled to find out that the shopping section offers oil, salt and pepper, pans, and cookers! Yes, they have cookers, which off the top of our heads would make great Mother's Day gifts.

Replace Fast Food Without Compromising the Taste 

Fast food is our guilty pleasure; we have a strange love/hate relationship with it. Is it garbage? Hell yeah. Does it taste good? Hell yes, again! We've all tried avoiding fast food, but how that turns out will remain the skeleton in everyone's closet. We'll just make the pizza and burgers on the Just Cook menu so we can feel better about yourselves and still have 'fast' food.

Gourmet Cuisine

We've never seen anything sexier than a man cooking us dinner on his own. Well, except when it's El Chef El Sherbiny... Major no. So, like we said, we love men who can cook. Gents, you don't want to cook up something boring - we want you to show us some skills and deliver something big, something worth remembering, something gourmet.

The To-Die-For Offers

The people behind Just Cook apparently know us too well. They know we like free goodies along with our orders; that's why they are constantly putting out offers like this one up here. Damn, who knew this popcorn/marshmallow hybrid existed? Also,  if you order three meals or more, you get free delivery. You can even send one of those meals to someone else and they'll deliver it for free. If there's anyone in your life who needs a little hint that they can't cook, a Just Cook package at their front door may do the trick.

The  Beverages 

There are two types of juice-drinkers in Egypt: those who have time to squeeze and blend, and those who have money to spend at fancy juice places. Then there's us, the ones who neither possess the luxury of time nor that kind of money! Or, let's call us the type who order fresh-squeezed juice online from Just Cook. In this month's selection we found orange carrot juice, a winter SOS and vitamin booster.

Orders up to Three Weeks in Advance  

No one can surprise themselves - you just can't. Except when you're surprised at your own stupidity or something like that. But here's another idea… You can order a Just Cook box and have it arrive three weeks later after you've totally forgotten about it. Surprise! Just imagine how much you'll love yourself after that beautiful gesture - thanks, me! Yeah, we know that's probably not why they offer this feature but we think it's quite brilliant.

Portions Sizes for Two

We know the reason behind this portion size thing: it's to bring you and your loved ones together. But we're loving this feature for other reasons - more food! Seriously, who cares about others? It's food, and we don't share food. Now before you think we're glutinous monsters - we're not, right? - you should probably know that we meant we'll have a portion for brunch and another for lunch. We swear.

Contributing to a Cause

We appreciate anyone who does good deeds, and we appreciate being part of random acts of kindness. For every 50 meals ordered, Just Cook is offering one free meal to a less fortunate person. Not only do you get to feed your own appetite, you get to actually contribute to filling someone else's needs. Yes, feel a little better about yourselves now.

Calorie Counting

Another misery of living in Egypt is trying to count calories. It's a dreadful process that consumes so much time and energy trying to read the extra tiny nutrition label, and then doing the math. Also, how many calories are in those fruits you grabbed from the fakahani the other day? Good luck with that. You can imagine our excitement when we saw the fixed calorie number Just Cook adds to each meal. Oh, and the juices too.

Want know more about Just Cook? Check their Facebook here and Instagram here. To place an order check their website here.