Friday April 19th, 2024
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El Gouna Finally Has Beachfront Housing - Say Hello To Mangroovy

El Gouna is the hottest escape along Egypt's Red Sea and, for the first time ever, people will have the chance to own their very own piece of El Gouna's beach as Mangroovy Residence opens up the port city's very first beachfront residences.

Staff Writer

El Gouna Finally Has Beachfront Housing - Say Hello To Mangroovy

Inspired by the beauty of the mangrove's natural ability to provide shelter while creating an ecosystem for others to thrive in despite its extreme environment, comes Mangroovy Residence, El Gouna’s first beachfront development project. Founded by Ahmed El Sewedy and Tarek Khalil, the project’s goal is simple: build a unique community of interested seekers of a simple yet luxurious life, provide exclusive access to 170,000 m² of Egypt’s most beautiful Red Seafront, and take out the worry of investing at a time where the dollar fluctuates every month.

There are plenty of places on the Red Sea showcasing Egypt’s beauty, but there is only one that comes close to Khedive Ismael's dream of establishing a European city in Egypt. Forget Cairo, that’s long gone, but actualising the dream is the cozy marina city of El Gouna. Visited by travellers from all over the world, El Gouna is the cleanest and safest Egyptian hospitality hot spot. From some of the best snorkelling, diving, and kite-surfing conditions on the planet, El Gouna is a place many often dream of living in but only find themselves visiting. Now, for the first time ever, the stylishly quaint, environmentally friendly port of El Gouna is offering residences directly on the beach.

Starting construction in January 2016, Mangroovy Residence is committed to freezing the dollar rate on the day the contract is signed, meaning that families can invest knowing that the sum they agreed to will not inflate over time, no matter the political dismay. This eliminates one of the biggest fears many Egyptians have when investing life savings in what they hope to be their new home or vacation getaway. Having a home near the sea is a not a new concept, but families often end up investing in projects with no vision that become abandoned or fail to deliver on the promise of a true escape. Committed to delivering the keys to your home in three years, the founders of Mangroovy Residence have contracted a German firm to deliver a unique and niche environmentally-friendly living community. Restricting units to only 480, the visionaries behind project believe that its vibrantly green and stylish community will attract creative minds looking for a simple stress-free life where imaginations can soar.

Taking inspiration from cities like Venice or Seville, the Mangroovy Residence is poised on building an identity that fuses simple and streamlined German design with spontaneous Egyptian luxury lifestyle. According to architect Amir Rothkegel, “There is a great relationship between the Germans' meticulous art of engineering and the Egyptians' spontaneous way of life. This combination holds a great strength. For us, it physically translates into a blend that combines a beautiful location, authentic Egyptian culture, and a thriving real estate market.”

On a mangrove tree-inspired architectural layout, Mangroovy Residence offers a community with diverse public spaces including a luxurious state-of-the-art fully equipped clubhouse, but also emphasises each resident’s privacy. “All units have spacious yet private outdoor areas, completely secluded from public view with direct access to one of the nine swimming pools,” they affirm. Making joining their community the most stress-free experience possible, Mangroovy Residence offers packages that will give you the keys to a fully furnished home. Half the stress in moving is either getting stuff there or purchasing everything to fill the home. Instead of worrying about what to fill your home with and wondering if IKEA will deliver that far, Mangroovy Residence has enlisted the help of iconic Egyptian interior designer, Mona Hussein, to customise your sleek luxurious home to match your personality.

Life in Egypt gets better, it just requires leaving its congested, overcrowded cities of madness, and finding a serene habitat as naturally sheltering as a mangrove. Ideal for those looking to become Egypt’s greatest kite surfing champions, a young couple looking to forge a stress-free life, or simply a creative looking for a life with a view to provide ample inspiration, the Mangroovy Residence is definitely worth looking into because, as it stands, no one else has beachfront property in the area, and no other Red Sea city matches the European feel both in design and mentality quite like El Gouna.

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