Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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La Fandi Revives Classic Egyptian Eats

There's a new hot spot in Maadi's The Courtyard, and it's serving up all the street food we know and love in super chic retro surroundings.

Staff Writer

La Fandi Revives Classic Egyptian Eats

Anyone who has lived abroad, know that the hardest part is missing home. Family, friends, and everything that makes us a call place home. At the top of that list is probably cuisine. Yes, even before family, from breakfast to dinner, every meal we have is a constant reminder of our pain and how we wish we had some of that Hawawshi or Fool right now. It's Egyptian street food in general we tend to miss and crave that the most. Despite it being quite risky to eat street food - you never know the source of anything or how clean or fresh the ingredients really are - we often find ourselves parked at some weird hour of the AM at that sketchy looking Kebda car, gambling our lives away at the mercy of the dodgy looking self proclaimed chef.

If you've been in that scenario and you wish for something safer, whether it is your newfound healthy eating obsession or whether you want to take out the squeamish girl you're dating or simply because you want to take that tourist friend you have visiting, because you can't afford his hospital bills...Whatever your reason maybe we introduce to you La Fandi, Courtyard Maadi's latest addition, which caters to your need for delicious, fresh and gourmet Egyptian street food. 

With a knack for the nostalgia and the delicious, La Fandi takes us back to better days when quality was favoured and put ahead of everything else, with a menu that varies to includes almost everything you can imagine, from Sogo2 and Kebda, to Hawawshi to Eggs and Pastrami. We have tried almost everything on the menu and we have to say everything that passed through our taste buds tasted quite impeccable.   

Join the LaFandi Facebook page here, and stay up to date with all the yumminess with none of the stomach ache.