Friday September 29th, 2023
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Los Angeles Dessert Shop, the Dirty Cookie, Is Coming to Cairo

The Dirty Cookie is all about throwing back some shots (of milk).

Farah Ibrahim

California’s most famous ‘cookie shot’ has landed in Egypt— New Cairo to be exact. Founded by Shahira Marei in 2015, The Dirty Cookie specialises in adorable cookie cups that let you have your drink and eat it too.

Featured on Forbes, Extra TV, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and a plethora of other American media, this dessert shop is coming home after its Egyptian-American  founder has decided to give Om El Donia a taste of their delectable selections. The Dirty Cookie has been a Los Angeles celebrity favorite from the Kardashians, Osborne’s, Charlie D’Amelio, Kerry Washington, and Mena Massoud.

“The part I love the most is that the Cookie Shot is for everyone, kids put milk in it and adults put Baileys in it, everybody has a great time. To bring our story full circle, I’m proud to announce that we are opening our first location in Egypt to bring jobs to the youth and bring the cookie shot to the world,” said Marei to SceneEats.

The new joint is currently under construction at Garden 8 in the Fifth Settlement, where you can expect to have your cookies and milk in one sweet bite. Their selection includes chocolate chip, red velvet, double chocolate, churro, white chocolate lotus, chocolate chip peanut butter, specialty cheesecake cookies, cookie pies, peanut butter and jelly cookies,and even DIY kits by the dozen. And not to freak out or anything, but they will be serving their homemade ice cream and are collaborating with Seven Fortunes to serve their decadent coffee.