Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Malouk Eats Releases Healthy Sugar-Free Fruit Roll-Ups

Complementing its healthy ice cream menu, Malouk Eats just launched sugar-free fruit roll-ups.

Layla Raik

Malouk Eats Releases Healthy Sugar-Free Fruit Roll-Ups

Have ice-cream-filled fruit roll-ups taken over your For You Page, only for you to find out they’re filled with ingredients that don’t get along with your gut health? For those of us who are self-conscious, either by choice or thanks to some incurable complex gut issue (I’m looking at you, IBS & PCOS peeps), it’s often hard to indulge in the quirky desserts people come up with online.

Here to free us from this alienating experience is Malouk Eats’ latest creation: fruit roll-ups. Except this time, they’re made for 100% gut-friendly, naturally sourced ingredients. They come in two flavours, strawberry and peach, and are just the right tinge of sour, which you can play down with a dollop of Malouk’s healthy ice-cream.

The strawberry roll-ups are made using only strawberries, lemon, vanilla, and a touch of raw honey, making them entirely sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free. Similarly, the peach flavour consists of real peaches, lemon, vanilla, and the same touch of raw honey. Both the treats are entirely plant-based and suitable for children.