Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Miam Miam Serves French-Inspired Delicacies on Egypt's North Coast

This French-inspired food truck’s gourmet poutines and decadent burgers will have your taste buds dancing this summer at Hacienda Red.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

"In French, they don't say 'Yum,' they say 'Miam."

Elevating the standard of what a food truck can deliver, Miam Miam has quickly become a favorite among residents in Hacienda Red. Having recently launched this summer, the French-inspired truck serves up masterfully made creations, from gourmet bourguignon and poutine dishes to sandwiches infused with premium French flavors in brioche potato buns.

Miam Miam's menu highlights redefine the notion of "street food" by transforming the street classics we all know and love into sumptuous symphonies for the senses through the creative use of luxe ingredients and dishes like truffle and duck confit. The food truck's elevated vision of comforting favorites offers patrons a taste of sophistication usually found in fine French dining establishments but served with a food truck's casual charm and ambiance, accompanied by a side of Sahel breeze, all encompassed in soft brioche buns.

Founded this June by Mostafa Elsherif, Miam Miam hones in on Elsherif’s desire to introduce a new cuisine to the scene. "Burger spots are all over the market, we wanted to do something new; we're not your ordinary American-style burger joint - we take a unique gourmet French approach," Elsherif tells Scene Eats.

With gourmet bourguignon burgers crafted the traditional French way, Miam Miam burgers veer away from the traditional minced-meat patties and use slow-cooked beef stew meat, resulting in deep, rich, and authentic flavors unfound in any other burger spot. From apricot chutney fried chicken to French truffle duck confit - a personal favorite of founder Mostafa Elsherif - Miam Miam is teasing the taste buds with authentic and innovative flavors.

"Ever since Miam Miam opened to the public in Hacienda Red, everything has exceeded my expectations. Everyone has been very welcoming and keen on trying something new," Elsherif shares. "There were so many already-established spots, and I was worried people wouldn't see how we were different, but we were met with so much positivity and love," he adds.

For the few of us stuck in Cairo, one can only hope Miam Miam soon makes its way to our busy streets.