Friday February 23rd, 2024
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The North Coast's Melt Down is Now Open in Zamalek

We can now vacate our non-beachside meltdowns to Cairo.

Layla Raik

After a summer of successful meltdown-handling in the North Coast’s Hacienda Red, sandwich-specialist Melt Down is heading to the big capital for their first walk-in restaurant. Their newly launched eatery features the same loaded toasties we loved by the beach, as well as make-your-own alternatives where your inner ‘creative’ can run wild.

Reviving the faint nostalgic memory of the cheese melt sandwiches we’d fight over with our cousins (except instead of fino loaves, Melt Down does it in delicious sourdough toast), all of Melt Down’s delicacies are essentially centred around melted cheese. This star of the show, however, lets other ingredients shine through too, from grilled chicken breast to caramelised onion and loaded brisket toasties to match.

The spot is now open at 13 Ismail Mohammed St., Zamalek.