Monday June 24th, 2024
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Mince's New Branch in Zamalek Will Serve Their Epic Elvis French Toast!

Mince Burgers' new Zamalek branch, opening on April 9th, is going to be bigger, better, and breakfastier! Now you can finally get your Elvis on in Zamalek.

Staff Writer

Mince's New Branch in Zamalek Will Serve Their Epic Elvis French Toast!

Isn’t it always the little details of an experience that turn out to mean everything? It's that flower you were given with the gold necklace on Valentine’s Day, or that smile you got from a complete stranger while taking a selfie with the pyramids. Those tiny little things just hold the beauty of great things together - these tiny details that many of us take for granted are the main reason behind the sensation of complete joy and satisfaction... Yeah, who are we kidding? Those are probably the little things that give most people joy, but you guys should all know by now that we derive our joy from good food (not shared) with good people. That should explain why our entire office erupted with shouts of joy (read: maniacal jumping on tables with Tarzan-like vocal accompaniments) when we found out that Zamalek is getting a new, bigger Mince Burger branch that'll not only offer breakfast but also... THE ELVIS!

Sure, Elvis the singer was probably a wonderful fellow, and while we appreciate some of his musical contributions, we're in love with his crazy culinary preferences - that guy liked to eat some strange stuff! With their own adaptation of The Elvis - a peanut-buttery-chocolatey-bananaey-carameley hunk of heavenly flavour - Mince Burger is opening up a new branch in Zamalek that'll not only boast breakfast and the best burgers, but will also have enough room for us to plant our asses as we stuff our faces full of the best burgers and breakfast in town. If that wasn't enough, check this out: on the day of the branch's grand opening - April 9th - Mince Burger will be opening its doors at 10 AM and offering free breakfast and The Elvis to customers ALL DAY! Yes, that's right - free breakfast; free Elvis! You pay for everything else, though, but that doesn't even matter because... free breakfast; free Elvis!

This time next week, we'll be stuffing out faces. Saturday could NOT come any faster.

Keep posted with Mince Burger via their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @minceburgerseg.