Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Mistiqa Creates Midsummer Night Dreams

This Sahel season is going to be about more than sun, sea and sand as Mistiqa offers up comforting Egyptian Mediterranean cuisine in cosy surroundings.

Staff Writer

Conjure up in your mind all the different scenarios you could face this summer. Mistiqa restaurant will be your go to destination regardless. The venue is an oasis for the hungry and restless propped comfortably on the highway between Amwaj and Blumar in Sahel. Offering delicious Egyptian Mediterranean cuisine that we can vouch for, promising fresh grill with succulent meats, molokheya that has people travelling cross country to have and the world famous Egyptian bread hot and steaming, baked before your eyes. As you enter the venue the rich smell of the baking of the bread envelops you, surrounded by green and soothing colours and smiling waiters you will know that life is good.

The perks for this venue reach far beyond the passionately cooked good food, the venue is perfect for everyone, “It suits you...whoever you are,” tells us Owner Ahmed Wahdan, “if you’re the hip, the older crowd...the healthy; it really is for all.” Mistiqa welcomes the whole community. Here’s the interesting perk following Ramadan Mistiqa will be open for breakfast, lunch and can have your family lunch, your dinner with friends and then come back for the after party. We see you’re eyebrows raised. Mistiqa will be open weekends till 5AM sheesha, food and the whole shebang for those who feel the night is young. You finished the party, your stomach is’re famished, Mistiqa will also be offering late night sandwiches on the weekends for those who want to grab a late night snack before they hit the road. Point is Mistiqa is this summer’s lifesaver.

Reserve your spot by calling 012 8155 5551 and visit their Facebook page here.