Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Nespresso's Limited Parisian Flavours Edition Hits Cairo

When we can't go to Paris, Nespresso brings Paris to us (well, where it counts anyway)

Staff Writer

Nespresso's Limited Parisian Flavours Edition Hits Cairo

There are very few things that people would easily agree on, with almost everything else being up for debate, from our favourite fast-food place, our top 10 travel destinations, to our views on life and society.

The one thing almost everyone seems to agree on is how much of a blessing coffee is. As we roll into work at the ungodly hour of 8 AM, there are few joys we seem to find, especially when coffee hasn't yet been served. Nespresso, however, is always there to save the day and help us in coping with the mounds of work we'll be having to soldier through. And they've recently launched their limited variations edition which is all about giving coffee lovers a Parisian experience. 

Nespresso has even joined forces with artist India Mahdavi to bring us soothing soft pastel hues and playful designs for our capsules. The coffee mogul is sparing no cost in giving us a full fledged caffeine experience. India Mahdavi is a French native, with Iranian-Egyptian roots, whose designs highlights a vision of happiness and colour.

So think cute little coffee shop on Parisian corner with cafe-au-lait in one hand, and a delicious macaron in the other as you gaze longingly at the Eiffel tower. Well, we can't get you to Paris but Nespresso's got you covered with all the flavours which'll make it seem like you're there (which essentially is what counts). Their variation Macaron coffee is a delicious blend of Livanto's cereal flavour balanced with subtle sweet almond taste. 

They've got a few more to suit every situation you encounter throughout the day. For the days where your boss is getting on your nerves, why not cool off with their variation Praline which mixes a delicate roasted hazelnut with a touch of caramel sweetness. If you're feeling feisty and ready to finally face your frenemy, why not start the day with their Paris black which is a blend of arabicas, cereal, syrupy nut flavor mixed in with spicy and wood tones. The intensity level of this one is 9, so you know only to take when you mean business. 

Nespresso's variations are at the based Livanto coffee blends, which consist of pure Arabica hailing from Southern and Central America. 

Now excuses us while we go make some very important coffee decisions. 

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