Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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North Coast Hotspot KIKI'S Expands to Cairo With buoy

Nostalgic for summers on the North Coast? Well, KIKI’s just landed in Cairo with Mediterranean concept buoy to end your reminiscing.

Fadila Khalid

North Coast Hotspot KIKI'S Expands to Cairo With buoy

Famed North Coast hotspot ‘KIKI’S’, crafted by hospitality gurus G’nK Group, has finally landed in Cairo with new concept, buoy.

Over the last couple of years, ‘KIKI’S’ has become synonymous with the feeling of the sun kissing your skin on a carefree summer afternoon as you sway your hips to the sound of blaring music accentuated by your friends’ warm laughter on the Mediterranean shores. 

The restobar is a Mediterranean fusion concept that has won the hearts of thousands and fostered an environment that celebrates communal fine dining, an experience that is being adapted to Cairo’s nerve-fraying hustle through off-shoot concept, buoy. 

Located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement at open-air luxury mall Garden 8, buoy (with a small b) is currently offering reservations so you can hang out with your friends in its all-white haven, serving as an intimate escapist fantasy from the everyday madness of Cairo’s streets. 

buoy offers a range of authentic Greek delicacies, courtesy of Michelin Star Chef Adam Kodovas, artfully prepared with organic locally-sourced ingredients, and beautifully arranged to feed your eyes first and stomach second. To provide your meal with a tantalizing undertone, buoy has brought over their exceptional KIKI’s mixologists to synthesize their famed flavourful herb-and-flower-infused cocktails.