Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Nutelleria Now Open in Porto Cairo

A store entirely dedicated to Nutella-themed-everything (aka heaven) is now officially open in Porto Cairo! Can we hear a hallelujah?

Staff Writer

Oh Nutella. The brand that changed the meaning of chocolate forever, has most of the earth's population hooked on its products and still continues to be the bringer of joy for well, everyone. Put Nutella on anything, and not only would it become edible, but tasty too! Like...bamya with Nutella? SHAMAZE! 

But what if we could have a world where everything is made out of the gorgeous blend of milk-chocolate and hazelnut? From spreading it on French Toast, or on a soft piece of bread, to a Nutella fountain to even Nutella Shawerma... Ah what a wondrous world it would be. And this paradise-like world has now been embodied in the newly-opened Nutelleria, located in Porto Cairo, 5th Settlement. Can we hear a hallelujah? 

The new store has everything Nutella you've ever dreamed of. Going off on a trip? Stop by for the 3kg jar and you're good to go. They even have red velvet Nutella brownies and Nutella syringes for those in need for a quick dosage refill. If you do nothing else this week, or this year, you go to Porto Cairo NOW and treat your inner Nutella addict. Screw formet el Sahel. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @nutelleriaegypt