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Pizza Station’s Newly-Opened Branch Is Decked Out With a Drive-Thru

This is not a drill. Pizza Station just made it *too* easy to buy a whole pizza for yourself—undetected.

Now you can shamelessly stuff your face with pizza without even getting out of your car. Pizza Station has just opened up Egypt’s first ever pizza drive-thru and we’re getting a little emosh. Sometimes you just need to order a grotesque amount of pizza to drown out your sorrows with minimal human interaction. Pizza Stations gets it. They get US.

The drive-thru is at Pizza Station’s newly-opened branch at Chillout in Rehab City and they’re promising fresh pizzas ready in just under five minutes. We know, it sounds too good to be true but it is. Late night drives ft. hot, cheesy pizza— New Cairo and Rehab people, we envy you.

Pizza Station is truly Egypt’s premier pizza pioneer and they really outdid themselves with this innovative drive-thru. Make sure to stop by and grab some of their signature classics like their mix & match chicken ranch & BBQ or load up on their seriously cheesy cheese fries.