Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Ramadan at Coppermelt Is Full of Sweet Surprises

Every single flavour of 'atayef' and 'bala7 el sham' you've ever imagined in the history of dessert exists at Coppermelt.

Staff Writer

It seems like everywhere we turn this Ramadan some sort of new red-velvet-Twix-basbousa monster appears, or a kunafa-mango-eshta sprinkled with the tears of our diet reminds us once again just how incredibly dessert-obsessed we Egyptians are. We're not complaining though; our favourite kind of creativity is the kind that manifests itself in in something that appeases our sweet tooth, especially if the dessert in question has been created by Coppermelt, who have a knack for whipping up some incredibly creative combinations. 

This year, Coppermelt is bent on providing a whole array of different sweets – there’s no way anyone will get bored (or get thin) with the endless options they have for each and every dessert this Ramadan. Forget your traditional basboubas and your run of the mill konafas; those are relics of a sad past before people realised the glory of cross-breeding desserts. Think zalabya cheese cake, red velvet zalabya balls, blueberry atayef, and peanut butter balah el sham. Are you a little bit freaked out by how amazing this all sounds? Plus, they've got branches in Korba, New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed so you can get your sugar fix whatever side of town you're on.

But Coppermelt is upping its culinary game this year by also providing a tasty array of savoury dishes for those of us who are semi-functional and semi in a coma before Iftar and can't handle the idea of cooking. But we all know Ramadan means inviting a plethora of guests over. Now, instead of completely screwing up your fattah and basically bringing shame to the whole family, consider opting instead for their catering service. They provide of homey-meets-unique dishes that if need be, you can totally pretend you made yourself when you have a 3ozooma. We perused their catering menu and found seafood tortilla rolls, Iraqi yoghurt tortellini, roast duck along with a whole variety of fattahs, salads and quiches. We might not take credit for having made these dishes but we’ll take credit in letting you know about them.

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

New Cairo
Phone Number: 01028000445 / 01028000446 

Address: El Tagammoa El Khames, 279 Memmar buildings, off 90th Road, right after Dusit Thani.


Sheikh Zayed

Phone Number: 01100777772 / 01122777773

Address: Zayed City Mark Mall



Phone Number: 01011124031

Address: 13 Baghdad St., Korba