Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Scoop Up Some Adorable Tastiness At Egypt’s First Eyescream and Friends Ice Cream Parlour

Opening today on Maadi’s Road 9 is Egypt’s first branch of the Spanish Eyescream and Friends franchise, where you get to make your gelato ice cream and eat it, too!

Staff Writer

Coming from the heart of Spain are hundreds of edible eyes waiting to decorate scoops of heavenly deliciousness at Egypt’s Eyescream and Friends Ice Cream Parlour. The opening, happening today at Maadi’s Road 9, will introduce Cairo to an impressive shaved gelato franchise that's sure to take over not only your sense of taste but all the other senses, too. Why?

Well, instead of the typical bland-looking scoop in a cone or a cup, Eyescream and Friends takes food artistry to a whole new level, as the design of the ice cream consists of certain ‘characters’ with different personalities. Good news is, those characters are completely edible! Whether it’s Bob Mango, Inspector Berry, or Wild Willy, you can take your pick on a tray, order your favourite gelato flavour and your two toppings, and your wonderful creation will be decorated with candy eyes and come to life.

Marwan Fouad, owner of Eyescream and Friends in Egypt, says, “it’s a lovely experience; a must try.” Fouad is very excited about the launch and tells Egypt that “it will be a completely new experience from A to Z.” So, next time you’re craving an icy dessert, be sure to drop by Eyescream and Friends in Maadi for some delicious and adorable treats. Maybe it's a little creepy to eat something while it's basically staring at you, but who cares? 

For more about Eyescream and Friends in Egypt, you can visit their Facebook page.