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Sequoia Brings Back its Weekend Breakfast Menu

Gobbling down your breakfast as you scurry up the stairs to your office on weekdays shall be rewarded with weekend deliciousness by the Nile.

Oh, what’s that? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Try telling that to your boss when they’re unloading a barrage of insults to your character for being 20 minutes late because you were having breakfast. You see, breakfast is just not good for the economy anymore, enough people start having breakfast on weekdays and we’ll have a global financial meltdown on our hands in no time! Breakfasts are for the weekends, they’re not meant to be gobbled down as you scurry up the stairs to your office, and it certainly not meant to be substituted with green juice!Like fine wine, breakfast should be paired with breathtaking views of the iconic Nile river, which is why Sequoia is bringing sexy back – and by sexy we mean their world-class breakfast menu! Available on weekends, the menu offers a wide variety of Mediterranean mezze and oriental dishes that will reignite your passion for regional staples like falafel and shakshouka, in ways you never thought were possible.All those breakfast-less weekdays eventually pay off on the weekend at Sequoia, not only because of their notoriously delicious food, but also because mobile reception by the Nile is usually terrible, so it’s going to be impossible for your boss to reach you there – and even if they do, you can hurl your phone into the river.

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