Friday December 8th, 2023
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Sliding Down Lökali’s Brand New Branch in District 5

With locally-sourced food, charm, and a staircase complete with a swirly slide, Lokäli has just opened its doors in District 5.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Dear readers, Lokäli - the Maadi-born wholesome comfort food hub - has now graced New Cairo's District 5 (armed with quinoa of course).

Stepping into District 5’s Lokäli feels like falling down an Instagrammable rabbit hole; lofted ceilings kiss incandescent bulbs and beautifully illustrated walls pull you gently into dreamy reveries. From the morning's first light to the enchanting twilight, Lokäli's meticulously curated menu caters to every palate, featuring exquisite dishes crafted from high-quality ingredients sourced from local farms across Egypt.

Celebrating the richness of Egyptian produce, their offerings include signature delights such as the hummus shakshuka and a variety of sumptuous breakfast creations, from benedicts to brioche pastramis. For the esteemed yoghourts aficionados among us - fear not, Lokäli's delectable yoghourts are available throughout the day, armed with berries for your sporadic cravings. Lokäli's journey began five years ago when a group of passionate individuals with a shared devotion to sustainability, culinary excellence, and the essence of Egypt joined forces. Throughout the years, Lokäli has become a vibrant hub for laughter, meaningful conversations, and a sense of community fostered by exceptional cuisine. Now, a new chapter unfolds as Lokäli establishes itself within the tapestry of District 5, weaving a story that resonates deeply with the discerning connoisseurs of our city.