Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Teppanyaki Takes Centre Stage at The Cairo Marriott’s Torii

Hot and dangerously delicious, The Cairo Marriott’s Torii serves up sizzling authentic Japanese cuisine.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Teppanyaki Takes Centre Stage at The Cairo Marriott’s Torii

It is a fundamentally human aspect of our existence - or perhaps, that of our bougie ancestors - that as one dines, entertainment must be present. Yet, with jests falling out of grace in modern day courts - metaphorical ones, that is - us humble diners have had to look elsewhere for meal-time diversions, and to our genuine joy, live Teppanyaki cooking shows are undoubtedly unbeatable when it comes to culinary spectacles.

There’s arguably no better purveyor of such fiery acumen in Cairo than Torii at Cairo Marriott. This Japanese fare haven in the heart of Cairo not only serves delectable Asian cuisine, but rather transforms the journey of its consumption into a multi-sensory dining experience.

With skilled chefs at the helm, Torii’s teppanyaki grills are a sizzling stage for flame-driven culinary virtuosity. With an ambiance that propels you right from the streets of Cairo to the heart of Tokyo, Torii at Cairo Marriott presents an authentic Japanese dining experience with a diverse menu that goes beyond sushi.

Delightfully flavorful Asian specialties, such as sweet and sour chicken and impeccably crafted noodles, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Torii's culinary delights. Miso soups, Stir fried vegetables, and premium cuts beckon to be relished. Perfectly complementing the savory options, Japanese desserts - such as the subtly sweet cheesecake - offer a satisfying finale to cool down after the fiery culinary spectacle.

And for those among us with an insatiable appetite for variety, Torii ‘s ‘All You Can Eat’ sushi on Mondays and Fridays is a (literal) feast for the senses.

Torii’s doors open every day from 6 PM to 12 AM.

For inquiries and reservations, contact +202 27394631