Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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The Edward's: Taking Vintage to New Levels

We headed out to the restaurant that's now talk of the town, and took a step back in time with Edward himself...

Staff Writer

You might have noticed your timelines flooded with gorgeous, vintage-inspired images from new hot spot, The Edward's, in Cairo Festival City mall. Lucky for us, we were invited to the massive opening night that featured lots of celebrities, creatives and just generally cool people. Defined by retro design that captured the essence of intimacy without taking the theme too seriously, we were blown away by all the carefully curated artifacts there, from gramophones to vintage telephones (those with a cable, kids, yeah, phones had cables attached before it was all wireless).

Feeling like grandpa's house, we were maganisted to their packed bookshelves and a TV playing The Godfather and boy, what a nice touch. All the flowers and old-fashioned wood furniture took us back to the 60s where things held their value and kept their heritage. Then there was the music; beautiful Jazz music by the unstoppable Cocoon band that complemented the decor perfectly. The lighting was delicate but very well illuminating as cute little lamps hung from the high ceiling.

As it's customary for us, we like to try everything there is to to see, do or eat in any new restaurant. We walked from the open air area to the indoor area passing by the bar and the pizza oven which totally caught our eyes as the head chef supervised everything himself making sure every plate came out perfectly. With the aromas filling the room, it was time to chow down.

So the chef comes to us with pizza, cashew chicken, al fredo pasta with shrimps, and a heavenly plate we forgot the name of because it FREAKING BLEW US AWAY! And we started eating away. We'll just umm... Leave the pictures to speak because (if you work at The Edwards, you don't put anything addictive in there, do you?). Oh and by the way, they have sushi! The food was clearly made with fresh ingredients, the right seasoning and perfect execution – we couldn’t ask for more.

But the overall atmosphere? It felt like a major kick back in time which was impressive, contrary to all the modern-ness we live in nowadays. I mean, come on even vintage filters are a thing now; might as well hang out at a vintage restaurant.  Lots of people were dancing freely like it was back in the day when your grandparents had unconditional love and unconstrained fun times.



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