Friday 9 of December, 2022
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The Macarona Bechamel Festival is Actually a Thing Happening in Egypt

Brace yourselves! The holy grail of food festivals is happening right here in Egypt. It’s a massive face off in making the world’s greatest macarona béchamel. If you're a bechamelophile or béchamel Iron Chef, this is the event of a lifetime!

Staff Writer

When the world decides to close in on you and you find yourself going to bed with no will of getting up in the morning, when you then wake up in the morning, and go about your day, everything is bland and meaningless; even listening to your timeless shower playlist isn’t making things better. But then, as you go home, you are greeted at the door by an intoxicating, almost erotic, smell of baked cheese, and to your ecstatic joy, you come to find your mother has laid out a tray of crispy, golden hued, Macarona Béchamel on the kitchen counter. You swear on your life that you’ve never felt happier or fuzzier than that very moment. 

Passionate about the carbo-licious, creamy creation, Mohamed Khaled ingeniously created a full festival dedicated to macarona béchamel lovers. As ridiculous as it sounds, the Facebook event has garnered almost 10,000 interested with more than 4,000 people vowing they are all ‘going’.

Gathered in one space, devotees eat plenty of macarona,, and watch the best self-proclaimed macaroni béchamel chefs face off in making the world’s greatest dish. A panel of judges made up of celebrity chefs will grade every tray of macarona béchamel and the winner will receive a prize; the Egyptian version of Iron Chef.

The current location of the festival is at Family Park in Rehab and should take place on March 31st, but keep an eye out because it will most likely change to another location nearby. 

There will be plenty of activities for everyone including stand up comedy skits, a DJ, and children’s activities. But the most important thing is the divine macarona, obviously.

Check out the Facebook event to stay updated with the details.