Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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These Tasty Guilt-Free Treats Will Get Egypt Back in Shape

Lite Bite desserts give the cookie monster a run for his money.

Staff Writer

Don't you just hate watching the fat build up, forever mutilating your waistline. So what if you just had a bad day (read decade) and wanted to make it better with some (read a lot) milk and cookies!? Always on the lookout for new dessert options to satisfy our sweet tooth, Lite Bite might just be our saving grace from the inches accumulating on our waists.

Founded in 2014, Lite Bite is a line of nutritive desserts developed by a team of dedicated doctors that provide a healthier alternative to our favourite sugary cravings.

Now you can have your favourite double chocolate chip cookies or blueberry yogurt muffins with zero refined white sugar, white flour, trans fat, or preservatives – we couldn’t believe it either!

“Naturally, I advise my clients who want to lose weight to lessen their sugar intake, but most people can’t help themselves when it comes to dessert. This is how Lite Bite started; we wanted to provide a healthier alternative to desserts without sacrificing great taste, so my assistant, Sherine Embaby, and I started trying out different recipes,” founder Dr. Sherry Nabil, Professor at Cairo University and certified nutritionist told us. 

Lite Bite does not claim to have a low caloric intake but Dr. Sherry explains that “the quality of the calories is what counts. You can have a low-calorie dessert that can provoke hormones that block your metabolism, which means you’re not burning more fat, or you can have an all-natural alternative that is also high in fibre.”

We also found out that three new delicious recipes are in the works to be added to their line of healthy treats.

A favourite among busy adults looking to keep fit and youngsters alike, Lite Bite is a healthier snack option at school. In fact, it's shaping up to be the next dessert staple in every household, provided that every household knows what's best for them! 

Check out these tasty treats on Lite Bite’s Facebook.