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This Ramadan You Can Escape the City for a Countryside Iftar at Plein Air

Plein Air, in the green suburb of Orabi, is opening its doors for an unforgettable iftar experience this Ramadan.

Ramadan comes with a million obligations and duties. But don’t get us wrong though, the tradition of huge gatherings of friends and family to binge eat is incredibly special. Endearing even. We’ve perfected it as an art form. From decor to menu, we try to outdo ourselves with every passing year, as well as each other. The one thing that’s bothersome, though, is that we’re always full of questions: Where and what do we eat? Where would Tante Ibtissam like to go for iftar

Now, while we’ve basically exhausted all of our Cairo options, we’re also exhausted of Cairo itself.

We’re venturing out of the city and into the leafy suburb of Orabi - which is only 20 minutes from Heliopolis, but feels like the countryside - to dine at none other than Plein Air (that’s French for ‘open air’, you peasants) for a Ramadan experience that’s delicious, entertaining, and best of all... OUTDOORS. And if someone has an objection, go ahead and tell her Plein Air also has a wonderful indoor area that's shielded from nature by glass walls, so we can see Tante but not hear her.

Just imagine an iftar that combines the best the city has to offer, but without the actual city? This Ramadan, Plein Air is doing the month right with a menu suited to the most refined and even sensitive palates (take that, Tante Ibtissam), the entertainment in the form of authentic Egyptian music, and did we mention the OPEN AIR? We suppose the reason we’re so focused on the open air-ness of Plein Air is the fact that, finally, this is actual fresh air (as opposed to floating toxins) as the venue is situated in midst of meticulously manicured, lush gardens and flowing water fountains.

Between the fabulous menu, the music, and the friends and family, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate and usher in Ramadan in style. Just think of praying Taraweeh under the stars, under God's watchful eye!

So there you have it, that’s our Ramadan Uzzooma plan. Every day! So instead of running off to Plein Air for only our weddings, the next time Tante Ibtissam wants a family gathering she can pick apart, we’re taking her to Plein Air where we could actually escape her in the bushes. The next time the office wants an outing for the staff, yup, you guessed right.

Visit Plein Air's Facebook page or their website, or just call their reservation numbers: 0120 839 3743 / 0100 498 7169 / 0122 740 1078.

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