Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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This is Zamalek's Cutest Little Italian Place

This place is serving real authentic Italian cuisine (and feels) in Zamalek.

Staff Writer

Few restaurants in Cairo can transport you to Italy and along the way, get all those little authentic details just right. We found one that hits every little sweet spot, from the decor to the delizioso entrees, and even an extensive dessert menu with the cutest names and a... BAR: Tavolino.

A five star Italian bar and restaurant that's right in the heart of Zamalek, on Abu El Feda Street, Tavolino is a completely authentic experience. And when we say authentic, we actually mean authentic; none of that weird, greasy pizza or mushy pasta that's an assault on the palette and just plain upsetting.The menu has a fantastic selection of pasta, risotto, Italian-style grilled meat, and seafood. Every dish we tried is as delicious and bursting with flavour as the next. The Spaghetti in a Wheel is not only delicious, but is prepared right in front of you by Tavolino's Italian chef. Doesn't get more authentic than that. Just a glance at the menu shows you how creative this place is with dishes named ‘There is More Than a Mushroom in the Soup’ or ‘Hey, Who Put the Sticks in my Salad?!’  We recommend ending your meal with the ‘Who Said the Cheesecakes is Only for Kids?’ cheesecake. And let's just it should be renamed "The R-Rated Cheesecake, Avert Your Eyes, Kids! Cheesecake".

Speaking of cakes, the cherry on top of this one is that not only is the food Italian but the décor is too. The ambiance screams Italian chic. Somehow, it’s a perfect place for a business meeting, a night out with family and friends, and a super romantic date spot to impress that special someone.

And to make this place even better (specially for that date) they have valet parking. And honestly, if you’re driving to Zamalek then you definitely want someone to park your car for you instead of walking around in heals while you find where you had parked car.