Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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#UberBASBOOSA Will Now Deliver Basboosa Right to Your Doorstep

#UberBASBOOSA is Uber’s latest Ramadan treat. They’ve teamed up with Mandarine Koueider to deliver 1KG of Basboosa straight to your home with no delivery charge.

Staff Writer

Is it really even Ramadan if you didn’t overdose every night on Egypt’s most sickly sweet and buttery, irresistible dessert basboosa? When it comes to shar2y sweets, we’re kind of in a love/hate relationship with basboosa because with every little bite, it leaves you wanting a little more, and before you know it, you’ve devoured half a kilo by yourself and then you're licking the crumbs off the plate with sharbat on your face wondering how you got here. But Uber knows exactly how important basboosa is to Egyptians and thus has partnered with Mandarine Koueider to launch their #UberBASBOOSA treat.

On the 1st of June, Uber users will be able to select the UberBASBOOSA vehicle between 2PM and 6PM on the app. For the cost of the basboosa (90 LE for a kilo with hazelnut) and with no extra delivery charge, Uber will deliver the basboosa from Mandarine Koueider straight to your doorstep whether you’re in Cairo or Alexandria. And because there isn’t a Mandarine Koueider branch in Alexandria, we’d like to tell Alexandrians that they’re about to witness a very holy creation from us Cairenes.

So basically you don’t have to leave your house, or line up in ridiculous sweet shop queues (trust us, they’re ridiculous), or get stuck in traffic and end up late to your Iftar Ozouma (thereby missing out on all of the mahshi because no one saved you any) to get your Ramadan basboosa fix. We reckon even if your Ramadan brain has you forgetting you ordered it, it will show up at your house as a good surprise. Happy days for everyone.

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