Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Where to Find the Best Molokhia in Egypt - A SceneEats Guide

When breath becomes a ‘shah2a’: here are the best 11 spots to get your molokhia in Egypt.

Layla Raik

Where to Find the Best Molokhia in Egypt - A SceneEats Guide

Just like Om Saeed in ‘Tabbakh El Rayes’, our attempts at molokhia have been far from exemplary. Be it the overenthusiastic extra pep in our ‘shah2a’ or the simple fact that the art of molokhia is best left to grandmothers and mothers-in-law, something is constantly standing between us and the molokhia of our dreams, but not any longer. Now that we can no longer resist the molokhia urge induced by hours of scrolling through Qasr El Kababgy’s reels, we have decided to take matters into our own hands and commence the hunt for the best Molokhia in Egypt. 

Now, we mean absolutely no disrespect to everyone’s grandmothers and mothers-in-law, but here are the 11 best molokhia spots in Cairo, Alexandria and El Gouna (right after our family homes, of course). 

Qasr El Kababgy

North 90 St., New Cairo

The obvious choice, as per our immoderate scrolling. Kasr El Kababgy redefines the phrase ‘dinner and a show’. 


Sheraton, Cairo

The oriental expanse that makes up 7agogah has become associated in our heads with delicious mashweyat and, by extension, even more delicious molokhia. 

El Dahan

Branches all over Cairo

For a spot this widespread around Cairo, it’s kind of surprising how good El Dahan’s molokhia is. Someone has their ‘shah2a’ down to an art. 

Sobhy Kaber

Shubra, Cairo

The national land of mashweyat must, of course, provide exemplary molokhia. It’s simply a law of nature, you can’t go wrong with Sobhy Kaber.

El Mohamady

Branches all over Cairo

As simple as going to the grocery store, but much more fulfilling and all the more sumptuous, El Mohamady provides us with traditional molokhia in every area in Cairo.

Seekh Mashwy

Branches all over Egypt

The scent of sizzling kofta on the grill can awaken a hidden hunger within us for the simple things in life. A nice, big dish of rice, a can of soda, and a hearty plate of molokhia. 


Branches all over Cairo

Our go-to for traditional Egyptian cuisine without the hassle has perfected the art of fresh, taaleya-heavy molokhia.

El Shalkamy

Cairo University St., Giza and 26th of July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed

Now that their Zayed branch is finally open, we’re running, not walking, to El Shalkamy for scrumptious molokhia with just the right amount of green and zest. 

Hadramot Antar

Branches all over Cairo

Out for mandy? Might as well grab a bowl of molokhia because Hadramot Antar’s has been proven to drop jaws and satiate bellies. 


Downtown, El Gouna

At a certain point in the Gouna girls’ trip, one gets tired of alternating between fabulous Italian and zesty Asian for dinner every night and longs for a taste of home. In this case, head to Caleo for traditional molokhia that tastes as good as homemade. 

Donia El Gambary

Helmiyet El Zeitoun, Heliopolis

How about molokhia with a little… pleasant surprise? Donia El Gambary’s shrimp molokhia has shocked then fascinated many a molokhia lover - and continues to wow us everyday.