Friday 2 of December, 2022
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You Can Now Have Business Lunches at Nile Ritz-Carlton’s Fanciest Restaurant, Smooth Operator Style

Starting October 1st, Vivo Ristorante will be hosting a daily one-hour express business lunch.

Staff Writer

Living in the fast lane of the business world is never easy. You’re constantly jet setting from one continent to another for a ten-minute coffee meeting with a client, only to have to get on the next private jet to head off somewhere several time zones away to wrap up the deal of the decade. And because you’re spending all your free time firing buck shots into your wallet and your bank account, you never have anything left for you to unwind. Even while you’re in the midst of building your empire you’re still on your phone making that absolutely necessary business call.

That’s life in the corporate world though. Wild and raucous, yet you accept it. You embrace it. It pays off in the end anyway, what with the luxury yachts, the enormous amounts of dough you literally swim in, and all the toys it brings to the yard for you to play with.

But just sometimes…sometimes…you wish you could step back and relax for a bit. But where? And when? There is one place, actually. A place where you can unplug and detoxify, yet still have your important business meetings so you’re still making some serious moolah to maintain your extravagant lifestyle. That’s where The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s very own Italian restaurant comes in.

The eternally opulent Vivo Ristorante, will be hosting a one-hour express business lunch daily from the 1st of October, the perfect amount of time to shamelessly stuff your face while becoming the world’s leading entrepreneur. Being served between 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM, it’s set during the best hours of the day to start guzzling down the liquid courage in copious amounts.

Within minutes of sitting down, you will be receiving quality of service fit for a Wall Street banquet. If you want to go on a detox to recover from the night before, take a look at their health-conscious options. Maybe you like to pace yourself. Or if you truly believe in Rock ‘n’ Roll business ethos, go for the ostentatious options, cooked to only the finest standards, with the best ingredients Egypt and Italy have to offer. The colours and flavours will be explosive as that last New Year’s party you went to. You will never get bored too, as the menus are ever changing week to week.

Dine like a Caesar of the 21st century oligarch, and dive into the Chicken Confit with Peperonata, or go full-on gluttony with the Veal Tenderloin drizzled in Pizzaioli sauce and Gonzo Romana. Accompany it with the Panzanella salad sprinkled with Ricotta cheese, or instead, have the Pumpkin soup with croutons and balsamic vinegar. Or perhaps go for one of the delish Risottos on the à la carte menu, such as the one with the lemon butter and shrimp. Finish it all off in perfect decadence with the finest Tiramisu on this side of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy all of this with the sexiest views of Cairo and the ambience of the immaculately decorated surroundings that ooze and scream Italian charm in every way.

There simply is no better place in town to eat good food, have a great time, and absolutely kill it at those all-important business meetings, all with a mesmerising view of Cairo in the background. For all your future dealings, there’s now only one number worth keeping.

For reservations, call +20 225778899.

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