Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Zahrat Lebnan Serves Up a Slice of Beirut in Maadi

What makes this Lebanese restaurant stand out is its very affordable menu.

Kurt Galalah

We all love a Lebanese breakfast, lunch or dinner kinda moment. The only problem with them is that they tend to make a hole in our wallets. Like, can I have a kibbeh nayya without having to worry about the check, please? Here’s where Zahrat Lebnan comes in to make all dem worries vanish.

The Maadi restaurant boasts a massive menu of all your Lebanese classics such as mana2eesh, saj, 3arayes and fokharet zahret Lebnan except you can actually afford them without having to cry over the money you paid afterwards. Oh, and they also sport a lush brekkie for two that starts from EGP 74 (you read that right) where you get to have iconic items like the Zahrat Lebnan breakfast and Tabliet Beirut breakfast.

You can find Zahrat Lebnan in Maadi City Centre where you can, again, enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to worry no more.