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11 Local Summer Collections to Get Your Hands On

Whether you crave couture, like the laidback look or are just looking for an accessory that will elevate your whole outfit, look no further than Egypt's ever-growing pool of designers...


Having shown her S/S15 collection at London Fashion Week earlier this year, Farida Temraza has certainly got the attention of the fashion-savvy and celebrities alike. Her ethereal couture collection has been supplemented by a capsule collection of cover-ups were spotted all over Ramadan khemas and now on the beaches of Egypt and beyond.

Yasmin Mansour:

Glam and classy perfectly describes this up-and-coming designer's summer collection, taking a new approach to embellishments - a skill few local designers have been able to master without over-doing it.  


This new summer-y collection is screams the retro beach vibe our parents always talk about. The vibrant colours seem like a piece of nature sewed into the bold and beautiful bags that simply call for sun, laughter and a lot of fun.  

Malak El Ezzawy

With her new SS15 collection Untamed, Malak has forever changed the meaning of the adjective in our dictionaries. The new collection has perfect pieces for a glamorous night out, making summer wedding shopping a breeze.

The Pink Powder Room:

Pastel colors and chic kimonos are the hottest summer must haves and The Pink Powder Room combine them with their elegant designs and religious attention to quality - get ready to see these pieces all over Egypt's coasts this summer.

Aya Afify:

We were fascinated with Aya’s bold leather collection in the fall season, and now we are even more amazed with the unique use of leather in her S/S15 collection. The unique loose weaves and a pallete of light, bright colours will have even the most cut-and-dry of dressers consider something new. 

Maison Saedi:


Summer is the season of joy, and wearing one of these art pieces would make anyone feel like they’re ready to conquer the world as Maison Saedi steps out of their couture-dress-comfort-zone and goes for RTW separates including stunning full length skirts and billowing pants.

Vivian Moawad:


Vivian’s flaunting new creations make us wish summer would last forever. Nothing feels better than standing out, and with these new outfits, there’s just no competition.

Allaga :


Taking the spiritual vibe of traditional Egyptian clothing and adding that to beautifully designed summer pieces is what makes Allaga’s fashion incredibly unique and special in the market, and they proved just that and more, leaving us stunned with their new collection.

Nada Akram:


Nada does it again! With soft flowery couture, she has managed to create pieces that would fit with anything and turn it into a awe inspiring piece of fashionable beauty.

The Sahara Collection :

Inspired by the shiny Egyptian sun, Weekend Glow is all about flowery patterns and laid-back colours that bring out the best of the season, screaming summer road trip for both men and women.