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7 Opulent Looks For Amr Saad's Anakronous Collection

Whether you wear Amr Saad's Anakronous collection to disguise yourself from your ex, or to appear mysterious in front of your next, or for its original purpose (protection from the sun), Ikon Chiba's social media campaign, Opulence, will teach you how to wear it with style.

We always need our shades; so many cases, so many reasons – looking unquestionably banging falls under both. Aside from the cheap ones we get from a street vendor, we have a few we treat like it they were passed down from our grandmother's Turkish grandmother, and "No, you can't borrow them," must always be the answer to anyone raiding our accessories. That's just how valuable and gorgeous they are. Now, we're pretty much conditioned to waiting for Amr Saad to serve our shady love, which he did by creating peculiarly artistic and handmade eyewear, and now he's following up with the eternal strangeness of the collection. Collaborated with Ikon Chiba's brilliant art direction and Maison Pyramide's production, they've put together the Opulence campaign.Though we were a bit freaked out by the rag-doll-like sculptures wearing lipstick, fur coats, and Saad's edgy sunglasses – which Chiba crafted with people wearing nylon socks – the 'opulent' factor eventually made sense after we realised how fabulous it turned out to be as a fashion statement. "They're inspired by different personalities I saw on the Internet," Chiba tells us. "The campaign is all about the avant-garde and outrageous, so you take it to another level, deconstruct their faces and their traits, top it up a notch, and put them back on the Internet." What's the purpose? "I wanted people to see beyond the obvious and to wonder whether they relate to one of these personalities or whether it reminds them of someone. It's amazing how many people, upon seeing the campaign, related to one character more than the other and felt like they were familiar to them, or a reflection of them," he says.

 Check out each of the individual looks and try not to fall in love with these creatures – they become more attractive as you go:

Project for Amr Saad
Production by Maison Pyramide
Art Direction & stocking sculpture by Ikon Chiba
Photography and videography by Peter Morcos
Makeup and body art by Chanel Arif