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#7DailyEssentials For All Mankind

We team up with denim pros 7 For All Mankind to find out what some of the city's most stylish individuals can't live without, including their jeans.

7 For All Mankind have been churning out slick designer jeans for years that have graced the booties of stylish citizens across the globe. The jeans ooze style in spades, blending comfort with a perfect fit, and one of their strongest suits is their sheer versatility; a staple of every wardrobe, they can be dressed up, dressed down, transitioned from day to night, worn with virtually everything. They are an essential element of every sartorially savvy human’s life.

So we tapped some of the most chic kids in the city so see what other essentials these denim-clad style heroes needed in their daily lives. From photographer Ahmed Zaatar who needs a heavy duty pair of pants to accommodate his active lifestyle to model Salma Abu Deif who loves to toss on her 7 jeans on with a pair of killer heels and some statement jewellery, we uncover the #7DailyEssentials for some of the city’s coolest movers and shakers. What can these guys not live without? 

Ahmed Zaatar, Photographer

1) No jeans can withstand my active lifestyle like @7FAM denim.
2) Music is the only relief from our lovely traffic so my headphones are always with me.
3) Yes sour cream and onion Pringles; if you know me well, you'd know it's an essential.
4) I respect time as everyone else should so a cool vintage Casio watch.
5) I've got sugar cravings all the time so chocolate always helps me concentrate.
6) Sunglasses are super essential in Egypt as I can't open my eyes wide in daylight.
7) Last but not least, my camera – it’s my job and everything I live for.

Salma Abu Deif, Model

1) There’s nothing more essential than comfy @7Fam jeans
2) This bag goes everywhere with me. It’s the perfect size and a colour that goes with every outfit.
3) 212 VIP is my favourite perfume of all time.
4) My favourite shoes this summer are these golden metallic heels – elegant yet wearable.
5) These are the shades that suit my face the best – and they’re super cool!
6) A statement necklace – I can’t live without accessories.
7) I love this old school Casio watch.

Heba Serag Eldin, Socialite

1) My @7FAM skinny jeans can be dressed up or down.
2) This YSL bi-color tassel bag has been my favourite item for the past 2 years as I can basically wear it with anything.
3) Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is my absolute favourite scent.
4) These Chiara Ferrangi loafers are so much fun when playing dress up as they’re colourful and playful; perfect for summer.
5) These Linda Farrow sunglasses are perfect for when I’m feeling quirky.
6) My Blackberry Classic - yes I still use a BB as my main phone...I need to type, I just can't do touch!
7) And last but not least is my Cartier Love bracelet; the one thing I never take off.

Ashraf Hamdi, Actor and Filmmaker 

1) My @7FAM jeans since they take me from day to night and fit around my hectic schedules.
2) My Lumix GH4 camera because I’m constantly shooting videos and movies on the go (with the shoulder rig or stabilizer).
3) A film slate to keep the film hype alive.
4) An art notebook as I’m always jotting down ideas that pop up constantly
5) My Thomas Sabo watch which I’ve been wearing for years.
6) Garret Leight glasses and the Hampton shade clip for outdoor situations.
7) My cell phone... Essential full stop!

Soha Khoury, Makeup Artist

1) My @7FAM jeans are on the top of my essential list. They fits so well that I don't need to think about what to wear every day - heavy duty jeans for all mankind!
2) Makeup is my passion, life and career and yes, almost all girls can't live without their makeup kits, not just me.
3) My day and night cream: every person should use a moisturising cream daily, whether it's for protection or treatment, we should always take good care of our skin.
4) I have a very busy schedule, so my agenda is a lifesaver for me! Between giving appointments to my clients, making free time for friends and family, or trying to escape for a vacation with my husband, I always check it.
5) My Loubis! Oh yes I'm obsessed! They make me feel like a real woman; seeing them around me, even at the house, gives me satisfaction.
6) Let's be honest, we all can't live without social media, and I can't live without all my Apple devices.
7) New Earth is my meditation book, it's very peaceful, so I carry it with me all the time in my bag. Whenever I feel stressed, nervous or angry, I read it. So you can imagine how much I read it!

Mohanad Kojak, Designer

1) My @7FAM denim can be worn with anything.
2) A designer is like a paint roller, you never know what he has in his back.
3) If there are no cigarettes when I wake up it definitely means I'm having a hard day!
4) Without my thread and needle I wouldn't be able to create, style and fix my designs.
5) I have to sketch everything to keep my curiosity fresh and they’re always with me in case I need to edit!
6) There’s nothing more comfortable than an old pair of sneakers.
7) I always have my notebook. People think that those random lines in my notebook are just doodles; they don't know that I’m planning my thoughts to create something.

Islam Ahmed, Founder of Vichi style blog

1) Classic denim never goes out of style. These true blue @7FAM jeans work with every outfit.
2) Bounty is my favourite chocolate ever!
3) My signature scent by Armani has such an elegant smell.
4) I’m a travel addict so my passport is used frequently!
5) We can’t really walk in Cairo, so my car key is always with me.
6) Who can live without shades?
7) You might call me grandpa but Old Spice is my favourite deodorant!

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