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AFH Designs - Accessories with Meaning

A traveller at heart, Farida Abushady speaks about her inspirations in creating the uber trendy AFH Designs.

Inspired by the variety of cultures from across world, symbols of tribes and religious beliefs, Farida Abushady has created a jewelry line, with history as its main theme background as its main theme. AFH Designs' necklaces and bracelets are more than just pretty accessory pieces; the brand's main seven symbols carry spirituality along with them and give the wearer a sense of depth and meaning behind the stones.

"I like to collect stones and jewelery pieces wherever I travel; they add more depth to my look, and a meaning behind the story," young artist Abushady shares. "Speaking of meaning, a lot of people ask about where the name 'AFH' came from; it's actually the initials of my family members."

A combination of beaded bracelets sporting the ubiquitous Ankhs, evil eyes and Buddhas, as well as gorgeous stones dangling from gold chains, it's an ever-so-trendy brand, combining symbolism with hipster-ism.

The superstitious, spiritual designer explains her future plans for the brand, saying "my goal is to expand from jewelry to home decor. I'd love to make ornaments and later on open a store and launch a gallery." 

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