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Ayah Shaffik Jewellery: Silver Stunners

We never get tired of getting new jewellery, and this local designer has certainly got our inner fashion fiends all excited...

It seems we’ve had an inordinate amount of birthdays throughout September and even more in October. You know what that means right? A whole lot of New Year’s and Valentine’s Day babies. Just kidding. No, we’re not, that bit was true but the pertinent point that we are actually trying to make is that this has meant a slew of birthday gifts we’ve needed/need to get and so we do what comes naturally to us and take to Instagram and that’s where we came across Ayah Shaffik, a jewellery brand boasting oodles of ornate silver designs blended with gemstones.

Though silver jewellery may be a saturated market, every brand brings their own unique touch to the metal and comes up with their own interesting designs and Ayah Shaffik perfectly captures the essence of an old school aesthetic while still being fun and injecting pops of colour with stones of varying hues.

Their pieces range from braided silver bracelets to ones with clusters of pendants. Rings go from the uber statement making kind, swirled with calligraphy, to small cute Pharaonic designs.

If you’re looking for a gift that will probably never go out of style (you know, even if it’s for yourself), we suggest you take a look at their pieces.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @ayahshaffik.