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Collaborative Fashion Shoot Combines Art With Egypt's Hottest Summer Trends

Up and coming Egyptian designers come together to showcase Egyptian summer swag at its finest.

Cairo and fashion are not two words that peacefully coexist. Walking through Cairo's streets with the slightest hint of a unique fashion sense is probably the Egyptian equivalent of a 24/7 walk of shame. Over the past few years, however, colourful patterns, bold accessories and outrageous cuts have slowly become part of the public sphere. Like it or not, Cairenes were not having it anymore, and a fashion revolution was due.

Now, because a peaceful revolution is impossible, Cairene fashionistas went on a full-fledged fashion offence. From every corner, young Egyptian designers emerged bearing their vibrant garment creations in a bid to challenge the rather-bland status quo.Bringing them all together is Flare PR's latest collaborative fashion shoot; the 3rd in an on-going series sees up and coming Egyptian brands Lou by Hebatullah, O Random, Zakhrafa, Amina K, Azwak, MGMP, Misura, Jayda Hany, Omni's, Gamila, and Indira, join forces to showcase Egyptians' spring/summer swag at its finest. And while Flare PR is not a stranger to utterly bizarre shooting locations, this shoot took place somewhere rather fitting; Arts Mart Gallery.

Combining masterful art pieces with fashion, the shoot - captured by the lens of the established Egyptian photographer Batool Al Daawi - showcases the season's hottest trends with a number meticulously crafted concepts. Check it out: