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Egyptian Brand Zee Kicks Off New 'Wave' of Footwear

Zee's new footwear line, 'Lead the Wave', goes all in on the wave metaphors and imagery to convey movement, change, and walking around with the freshest kicks.

Zee, the footwear brand making moves in the local fashion scene since 2019, has released a new, entirely locally-produced shoe design that combines aesthetics, comfort, and a love of nature. ‘Lead the Wave’ features pragmatic sneakers and boots that are modelled on, you guessed it, the movements of the ocean.

“Waves were the unconventional element behind this collection’s inspiration,” founder and creative director Noureldin Kassem tells #CairoScene. “Waves represent a sophisticated movement of energy inside water. Wave shapes and silhouettes were used as a reference and symbol of art, empowerment, and freedom in its purest form.”

The choice of waves as the inspiration for the designs wasn’t just born from a love for nature, but also from the shift in energy that our society is experiencing lately. Kassem believes that, in light of the pandemic putting people’s lives on hold, we need a wave to get us moving again. And if there’s anything that should get us moving, it’s kicks like these.

The collection borrows from other aspects of nature, like the symmetrical lines in ‘Earth Strata’ and the silhouettes and curves in ‘Sand Dunes’. These elements also play a part in the shoes’ available colourways, which come in ‘Ocean Tint’, ‘Light Sand’, ‘Basalt’, and ‘Pearl’.