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Exclusive First Look: Mema Jewelry Launches Stunning New Campaign

Jewellery designer Mema El Shafey has teamed up with an all-star crew to create a gorgeous new shoot to promote two collections for Mema Jewelry. Check out the striking images, exclusively on CairoScene.

It is officially the age of beachside opulence. Once upon a time you may have gotten away with tossing on a pair of cut-offs and a tank top. You may have had one ring on. A simple bangle perhaps. But not anymore. Now, girls across the city are layering on the accessories because LOOKING FABULOUS BY THE POOL IS A MUST OKAY?

Anyway, Mema Jewelry is a big proponent of the aforementioned poolside fabulosity and their latest campaign, shot poolside at Chillgazmic Farm on the Alexandria Desert Road (yes, it is called that and yes, that is the best name ever), features model Amelia Michaels Sky, lounging poolside adorned with oodles of gorgeously decadent body jewellery, with makeup by Eman Samy Arafa and hair by Kriss Beauty Salon. We got an exclusive first look at the stunning images. “The shoot combined two of our collections, the Horus line, which is has a heavy Pharaonic influence, and the Queen line, which features a lot of stones and diamonds,” explains founder and designer Mema El Shafey. “We mixed the two collections to show that you can easily pair two different looks and aesthetics together.”

Both collections are bold and elaborate, pairing together perfectly for a stunning final effect in the campaign shot by Daniel Salib. “Part of our concept for this shoot was to think of jewellery in an out of the box sense; not just basic rings and necklaces but leaning more towards body jewellery,” El Shafey says of the ornate silver cuffs, upper arm bands, snake anklets that wrap all the way up to mid-calf, and even intricate waist belt that tops the swimsuit from Oro. “I also wanted to express that you can go to the beach or the pool wearing statement jewellery – I wanted to kind of push the envelope of what you can wear on the beach,” she tells us. And the striking pictures are as equally gorgeous as the pieces! Take a look at the campaign below. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @memaelshafey.