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Exclusive First Look: New Wicked Winter Collection by Zang

With the icy chill of winter encroaching on our city, Zang are a step ahead with their new winter collection, Wicked, keeping you warm while giving you the fashionable edge that you need. Check out all the cool images from their new campaign, exclusively on CairoScene.

The new kid on the block of Cairene fashion, Zang, is delivering a winter collection that, in their own words, "Can energise anyone for a night full of partying." Comprised largely of urban cool sweatshirts, they took a bunch of everyone's favourite cartoon characters and gave them a different personality, a more wicked personality, that redefines them in a whole different context. It looks like they vilified each character and made them into grownup versions; seeing a Mickey Mouse mug shot on a hoodie is eye-opening, to say the least.

The collection is an extension of the brand's persona; they have been branding themselves as the go-to shop for all that is hip and cool, from beach raves to Hip-Hop madness, and with a well-earned reputation they may well become the next 'it' thing in the city. However, it's not going to be for everyone as the Wicked collection is limited - hoodies, sweaters, and crop crew necks, only 30 pieces of each is available for purchase. Apparently Zang is targeting a small segment of people with attachments to these childhood idols that we have all come to love at some point in our lives. Whether you think it's cool to wear a Super Mario sweatshirt or not is completely up to you, but you can't deny that the designs are fun and hip.

Bassam Emam, Managing Director at Zang, says, “This collection has a diversity of illustrations that reinterpret iconic cartoon characters with a wicked and slick persona. We chose specific characters and decided to modify them with our art; we gave them wicked personalities that are far from their usual nature.” Emam added, “Our identity is not yet complete; we are still experimenting with new ideas and concepts until we reach our solid character and signature. We are a young brand that is still exploring all of its future possibilities." The unisex collection is embodying all that is hip and fresh - skateboards, and hoodies are on the top of their list. 

We got an exclusive first look at the Wicked Winter Collection below that you don't want to miss. Take a look at the full campaign below, including all the unreleased images. 

Check out more of Zang's designs on Facebook and Instagram.