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Jewellery To Heal Your Soul

We speak to Dina El Banna about her beautifully crafted Chakra healing collection of jewellery to discover more about the magical world of stones...

Stemming from Indian origins, the Chakra bracelets are known to have crystals with energy and healing powers. The seven main Chakras represent purity, rhythm, peace, love, emotional balance, inner wisdom, and freedom to the wearer.

Dina El Banna, an aspiring young designer, has recently launched her collection of Chakra bracelets. She studied fashion design in Italy and has a diploma in crystal therapy along with crystal healing and meditation “After one year of studying and exploring stones I wanted to share my passion and make a brand that revolved around stones," she reveals. The bracelets are beautifully handmade with a genuine feel to them. “The brand is about exploring the magical world of stones that have been used for thousands of years. Every collection has a new secret of this ancient wisdom revealed, so people can enjoy it and also understand the beauty and power of stones,” she tells us.

El Banna designs handmade bracelets using precious stones and silver, for both men and women. Each bracelet has a different kind of positive effect depending on the type of stone they choose. Most of her designs are custom made so that people can select the stones they like. “I believe they have so many powers...they heal and give energy and have physical, mental, and emotional effects on us,” she says. Each piece is as beautiful as the next with majestic colours and a flawless outcome.

El Banna collects the unique stones from India, Burma, and South Africa and her new collection Secret of the Pharaohs is where she will use the same stones that the pharaohs used for healing. “Precious stones inspire me; they were used in ancient times by kings and queens and Pharaohs as talismans for protection... There is a lot of history so I wanted to share it.” We can't wait to see what Dina has in store for us next! And if you're not into the whole Chakra/energy healing thing, they still look pretty damn cool.

For orders contact Dina El Banna directly here or call 01069337533.