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Egyptian Brand Katchouni's Latest Collection is Set to Give You Diamond Envy

Winter is coming and we'll be covered in diamonds (in our minds at least).

Katchouni Malak El Husseiny

It's no secret that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and with good reason too. Diamonds won't break your heart or leave and they'll always have you looking fabulous AF. And while they might not keep your warm in the winter, they sure as hell will have you looking your best by complementing that new suede coat perfectly. Besides, unlike much of today's jewellery, diamonds aren't seasonal, they're forever. And no one knows this better than local jewellery brand Katchouni. 

Releasing their latest collection, Ivy, in a collaborative campaign with Egyptian songstress and former X-Factor contestant, Malak El Husseiny, the pieces are to die for. Unveiling the collection in a French Belle Epoque inspired campaign, Katchouni manages to capture the essence of femininity and elegance. Besides, as we all know, no one does class quite like the French. Amid a cascade of dainty flowers and vine leave, set up to represent the arrival of winter (the most stylish season of them all), Al Husseiny shows off these timeless pieces beautifully. The campaign, which was shot by celebrity photographer, Abdullah Sabry, sees El Husseiny dressed in Egyptian couture brands, Temraza and Maram Borhan for a bit of local flavour.

The jewellery pieces, which exude a sort of modern-day Venus vibe, are made up of delicate patterns and a whole lot of diamonds. Think Cinderella at the ball, or Belle when she fell in love with beast. For those of us who already know we’re royalty (or pretend to be), this line will have us feeling like the princesses that we are, every day. Using a lot emeralds and rubies, 'Ivy' has definitely restored our faith in happy ever afters, mainly because: who needs the prince if you've got the bling?

Check out the shoot below:

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