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Laila Wahba’s New Collection Will Help You Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess and Laila Wahba's latest collection ensures that.

Every true fashionista knows that accessories are what pull a whole outfit together; statement pieces are basically what make or break the whole look. We often times forget though, the power of that one standout necklace or pair of earrings in adding an element of style to an otherwise plain attire. Egyptian jewellery designer Laila Wahba has just released her latest summer collection and not only does it have elegant yet simple statement pieces but it also sheds light on the young designer's ingenuity and versatility when it comes to creating.  

Finding the inspiration for her latest collection in Ancient jewellery, the pieces also have influences of Etruscan art. “I’ve always been a big fan of ancient jewellery especially from the Etruscan civilization. I’ve always especially been mesmerized by the details and the patterns,” says Wahba.

While the young designer may have taken a different approach in designing her most recent pieces, the usual attention to detail is still very much present. Wahba challenged herself and stepped out of her comfort zone for this collection and it did not disappoint.  

"My previous lines have been popular for being colourful and only using semiprecious stones. This time, I wanted to highlight more of the design and less of the colour by creating a more neutral palette using mother of pearls mixed with gold and silver," says Wahba.

For this collection, Wahba decided to experiment with a different vision in terms of her designs. Exuding a sort of Greek goddess vibe, the pieces are made up mainly of brass, with each one being hand crafted and interlaced with silver and gold plated finishes. If you’re looking to stand out this summer then we suggest trading in your run of the mill accessories for one these babies.

Wahba, who is an admirer and avid collector of vintage pieces looks to past eras for inspiration and she's finally brought to life a vision that she’s had for a while now. “I’ve had the inspiration for this collection for a long time now and seeing it come together was truly rewarding for me. I really hope people would like it as much as I do.”

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Production: @blowcreativestudio
Photography: @batoolaldaawi
MUA: @sallyrashid_

Model: @camelicked