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Lord Jewellery: Studding Cairo with Diamonds Since 1987

Have you ever wanted to make diamond-studded and gold-encrusted fashion statements? Well, Lord Jewellery is your guy!

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder is an asshole who holds opposing (and archaic) political views and thinks you are an abomination? Not so pretty now, are you?

Instead of seeking validation from your fellow mortals, you should seek out the only thing that truly matters: Diamonds! Not only are they forever, they’re also so damn shiny; they can silence even the most ardent adversary.

Cue Lord Jewellery, the 30-year-old brand combines our two favourite things in this world: the Lord and jewellery! With elegant designs, Lord Jewellery Owner and Head Designer Marc Riad shapes oases of beauty out of gold and diamonds.  “We only work with pure white, rose, and yellow gold and diamonds,” Riad asserts.      And since we’re all about making statements that everyone dismisses because we plaster them on t-shirts, we finally have the opportunity to be taken seriously with Lord Jewellery's bespoke pieces, which you can fashion to your liking. “Some of our pieces are custom-made; some clients come to us with their own ideas in mind and we design the pieces for them,” Riad explains.

So whether you prefer to imbue your jewellery with your own character with statements like ‘Kanye West for President’ or ‘Chinese food is a hoax’, guess who can turn them into beautiful diamond-studded bijouterie!? 

Photo by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Art Direction by Malak Sawi
Photography by Mohamed Diaa 

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