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Make Your Mother Feel Loved with A Azza Fahmy Message

Your mother and Azza Fahmy are a match made in heaven! Sublime jewellery is a mother's best friend, obviously - especially if it's a personalised piece, created just for Mother's Day.

A mother is the closest human form to an angel; they give us infinite love, warmth and comfort, things only they are capable of giving without thinking twice. And it is your duty as a son or daughter to think long and hard before gifting her with a kitchen machine or a picture frame for Mother’s Day; that’s just a deceivingly nice thing to do, you're probably really doing it because you don’t like her pies and cakes or because you secretly want her to put your picture in that frame. Mothers deserve better; instead you should make her look and feel fabulous; gift her something she can show off to her friends at the nady. To help us make up our minds is the great Azza Fahmy – the first lady of Egyptian Jewellery, as dubbed by yours truly - and y'know, the rest of the nation.

Make your mother feel loved this Mother’s Day with a Azza Fahmy charm. On a regular day, a piece of Azza Fahmy jewellery is the kind of piece that is equal parts sheer gorgeousness in terms of aesthetic and one which carries with it a deeper sentiment, being imbued with elements of our culture and heritage. But the charms available this Mother's Day go a step above that too - whatever stunning piece you select for your mama wouldn’t be just another piece of jewellery because it can be personalised with an affectionate message expressing your eternal love and gratitude to her. Something like, Omy Ya Malaki, Makanek f el Alb or Enti el Hob! This is just the kind of gift that can earn you a world’s-no.1-son/daughter mug, maybe even a t-shirt, who knows? The sky is the limit! We promise that in ten years time, your mom will probably still be wearing the timeless piece you got her, inscribed with a thoughtful message, and you'll definitely beat out your siblings and be her favourite kid. 

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