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Maria Hidrissi: H&Ms First Veiled Muslim Model

Fashion giants H&M shake things up once more, this time recruiting the face and style of a seriously cool hijab-wearing, upcoming fashion icon.

H&M's newly debuted video, 'Close The Loop', that showcases their new collection, backs up the idea of breaking all the fashion stereotypes and rules, boldly stating that no one should abide by any 'rules' of fashion, or feel the need to dress according to the liking of a person or society. With this message in mind, they've created visuals we don't see quite often in the fashion world, like men in pink, a plus-sized model and a Muslim hijabi model.


Turn up. 💋

A photo posted by Salon Marrakesh London (@mariahidrissi) on

Hidrissi's outfit in the video includes a white top tucked into super cool wide-legged trousers, a dusty pink coat, and a crisp hijab. Her outfit certainly proves to the culture of the western countries that one can be veiled and stylish, dressing up in modest clothes and still being up-to-date and chic..


I'm ready for bed now 😊 #SalonMarrakeshLondon #henna

A photo posted by Salon Marrakesh London (@mariahidrissi) on

We can't wait to see more of her face in campaigns and soon perhaps, runway shows. Break the norms, Maria, and give us hope for a better world full of acceptance.

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